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    Surgical Clippers

    3M™ Surgical Clippers

    Raise the standard, lower the nick rate

    • 3M™ Surgical Clippers

      Whatever your hospital's surgical focus, work flow needs or budget, 3M surgical clippers support a positive perioperative experience for your staff, surgeons and patients.

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    3M™ Surgical Clipper Professional 9681, for use with 9680 blade

    • Low nick rate

      Low nick rate

      3M™ Surgical Clipper Blade 9680 is uniquely designed to prevent skin from being pulled into the cutting blade. Paired with away-from-the-skin blade positioning, it demonstrated a nick rate of just 5% in clinical studies, compared with the CareFusion® 4406 General Purpose Blade at 25% and the Medline™ DYND70850 Universal Blade at 12.5%1.

      A Clinical Safety Evaluation of Surgical Hair Clippers (PDF, 332.6 KB)

      1. Study EM-05-012508

    • Surgical Clipper Battery

      Battery power

      Powered by a lithium ion (Li-ion) battery, it provides 160 minutes of clipping time on a 3-hour recharge. This means the clipper always runs at full power even when not fully charged and can be stored in the charge stand without shortening the battery life.

    • Surgical Clipper 9680 blade

      One blade

      The 9680 blade is effective for standard clipping and trauma procedures and all types of head and body hair, including sensitive areas of the body. this helps the operating theatre (OR) standardise clipping protocols, prevent surgical site infections, and eliminate the need to purchase multiple clipper blades.

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